Firebird by Ganzo FH921: design update

It's no secret that Ganzo is constantly working to improve its products. Company regularly releases new and modern products, in addition, strives to improve previous one. This happened with the knife model FH921. The model is interesting for its curved comfortable handle and drop-point blade, which is considered universal.

For comparison, it is worth looking at what has changed in the FH921 version. First, there is an enlarged hole in the blade, which makes it easier to use your middle finger to open the blade. Secondly, the lanyard hole became round and decreased in size. Thirdly, the very shape of the handle has changed. It has become more rounded to make it more comfortable for the user to hold the knife in his hand. All of these improvements add to the enjoyment of knife work.

The FH921 was offered to customers in four color options, black, green, gray and orange. The folding knife with a lock of the Flipper variety is most suitable for tourist activities. It has a pocket-sized format so it is convenient to always keep it close at hand. Well, the common shape of the drop-point blade is very suitable for performing a variety of operations. For example, when cutting, pricking. Due to its ergonomics, the model will find wide application in different situations.

Composition and design features

At the heart of the blade is high quality D2 steel, with protection against corrosion. The steel is very strong and retains a sharp cutting edge for a long time. It is quite easy to sharpen. The edge is sharp due to the content of more than 0.5% carbon in the steel. Alloy additives such as chromium and nickel are included for better corrosion resistance.

The hardness of the blade is approximately 60 HRC. This is an excellent indicator for cutlery. Very damage-resistant, sturdy knife, resistant to wear. Withstands moisture conditions as steel is almost non-corrosive. With such characteristics, the model becomes an excellent choice for tourism and outdoor activities. The sharpening of the knife is straight.

The knife handle is made of G10 material. This material is resistant to various kinds of external influences. Easily amenable to staining, protected from impacts, high temperatures, and moisture. Easy to clean, makes the grip rough to the touch. Which contributes to good grip and ease of use. The knife will not move or slip out of your hand, even if it is wet.

Foldable model with fixation. Flipper knife lock type. Remarkable mechanics, easily opens and closes, operational safety. Can be opened literally with one hand, no difficulty. For convenience, a clip is provided. With its help, it is possible to fix the knife, hanging it to the pocket, on the belt, and fastening it to the bag. The clip is reliable and rigid, therefore it is fixed without problems. The axle screw is secured by a round metal bearing.

Product dimensions and weight

The knife is compact, the full length reaches 19.9 cm, and the blade length is 8.6 cm. The blade thickness is three and a half mm. Such a practical knife weighs 113.5 grams. A variety of color options allows you to choose the design that you like best. Such a knife is suitable for many outdoor activities during tourism and outdoor activities. It is also suitable for every day, being always near and at the user's fingertips.


The FH921 knife model, previously presented to customers, has received modifications. This year, manufacturers decided to improve it by making adjustments to some design features. Thus, the knife was made more convenient for use in practice. The FH921, like other Firebird knives, is perfectly adapted for use in tourism. The knife is lightweight, with small dimensions, there is a comfortable clip for fixing, it is convenient to hold in the hand, the blade is well protected from corrosion. The Flipper knife lock contributes to the safe use of the knife. The 60 HRC steel blade handles the workload well. G10 at the base of the handle guarantees resistance to damage, wear, temperature and humidity. Compact dimensions, low weight of the knife make it an excellent choice for every day, will be useful in tourism, outdoor activities.


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