The Adimanti NEFORMAT model with Skimen design belongs to the category of exclusive design products. This knife is the result of the creativity of the famous master Ruslan Skimen, with whom the Ganzo company had experience of cooperation. The Adimanti brand was supposed to bring together products from various freelance designers. I must say that the idea of cooperation with bloggers (which Skimen Ruslan is) is quite successful. After all, who else, if not famous opinion leaders, is aware of what users expect, what their preferences, wishes and comments may be. So the Adimanti NEFORMAT (Skimen-TI) knife came out great. First of all, we note that this is a working sensible tool made of materials of excellent quality. Very sturdy, very durable, ready for all kinds of tests. The second point is that the knife is simple, neat, classic looking. It has a pleasant appearance, it is ergonomic and adapted for practical use. Noble light gray color. You can admire the model. This is how it is - laconic and effective.

Composition and materials

The composition includes powder steel grade S35VN. What is special about this steel? It has a high hardness index, from 59 to 63 Rockwell units. This is good enough for a jackknife type tool. Steel is relatively new, not so long ago used in production, but it is often taken to create knives. Compared to the CPM S30V alloy, the steel is slightly tougher, the wear resistance is almost the same for both materials. The blade shape of the model is drop-point.

 This type of blade is often found among knives and it is safe to say that it is a universal type. The drop-point blade is equally effective at cutting and impaling. It can be used in various types of work, which is especially good in tourism. It is not for nothing that models for tourist purposes (including the Adimanti NEFORMAT knife) are supplied with a blade of this type.

There are notches on the butt for more convenient work with the knife. The handle is made of durable titanium. The specific features of titanium are high mechanical properties, low density and, as a consequence, high specific strength at 20-25 ° C and cryogenic temperatures, good corrosion resistance. In general, this is a very high quality material that provides the knife with a long service life. The handle is comfortable, with a small recess, it looks neat. Nothing extra. A clip is provided for fixing the knife.

Physical parameters of the model

The total length of the product reaches 20.5 cm, the length of the blade is 8.5 cm. The thickness of the blade is three and a half millimeters. The model weighs only 92.3 grams. The compact size and low weight make it possible to use the knife for EDC-carrying. And use it wherever you need it.

Working with a knife

The lock for the Skimen-TI model is a Flipper version. Flippers are knives with a "fin", an element that allows you to open the product with one hand, it does not matter, right or left. To bring the blade into working position, you must press the fin.

 The knife will effectively cope with paper cutting, wood planing, food cutting. In general, it will not let you down when performing the most typical tasks that the user encounters during active recreation. For a knife, minimal maintenance and periodic sharpening of the blade is enough so that it will serve for a long time and flawlessly.


The Ganzo firm very successfully came to the need to cooperate with famous people related to the knife theme. The experience of cooperation with the designer Ruslan Skimen has led to the emergence, in particular, of this new product, Skimen-TI. Unique development, author's, previously there was a similar model. As for the Adimanti NEFORMAT, it is an excellent working knife for use in tourism and outdoor activities. The knife is simple, in the spirit of minimalism, classic look, an ordinary standard blade, a comfortable handle. The composition includes reliable materials, it is enough to mention titanium, from which the handle of this knife is made. The model is designed for many years of operation. Self-care requires minimal. There is a clip for comfortable wearing, a flipper knife, effectively performs a variety of operations. A versatile tool with aesthetics. Excellent as an EDC option.


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