Knife Ganzo G620, Black Blade

I did not know what to expect. I thought this might be just a cheap knock-off knife made in China. This is a quality knife. The ergonomics of the handle are perfect for my hands. The opening of the blade is smooth and quick. I love the locking mechanism. Came well sharpened out of the box. The blade design is nice. There is a nice smooth curve on the back of the blade near the handle that is perfect for my thumb to do some precise carving and cutting. This makes a great camping, wood working, and utility knife. The curve of the blade would also lend itself for skinning game like deer.

Knife Ganzo G711

I have several Ganzo knives. I think they are a great value. This one needed just a minor sharpening to make it nearly perfect. I also adjusted the pivot to my liking.

Knife Ganzo G716

I own 6 ganzo knives. This is my favorite. It has grippy g10 like i love, great blade shape and size, and the axis lock is easy to disengage (thank you finally ganzo got it right) ! Please if you are on the fence about this knife you should spend the money and treat yourself to an 80 dollar knife for 17 dollars. Of course there are some people who wished it had some amazing steel but i think that the 440c is tough and holds a great edge. I have found that ganzo sharpens at around a 50 deg angle, (25 deg inclusive) which is weird but i can get it freakin sharp- and it came sharp too.

Knife Ganzo G719 (Black, Green)

Good build quality for the price, and the switchblade action works well. In case anybody wants to know, this knife is a full-auto, switchblade opening folder, Most likely it is illegal to carry in any state in the US, so be careful if you buy one. I got one of each model while available, the price is excellent for the product. Despite being made in China, the quality is excellent, very sharp out of the box. They are a great addition to any knife collection. Get one while you can!

Knife Ganzo G7211 (Black, Green)

Bang for the buck is there. Switch out the washer, the use a clear plastic washer. Go phosphor bronze for washers. Beautiful lockup. Zero blade play. Looks a lot more expensive than it really is. The blade comes sharp enough to shave right out the box, that's been holding it's edge for over 6 months. Great buy.

Knife Ganzo G7211 (Black, Green)

Love this knife. for the price it's damn well built and functions well. The style is great and pocket clip let's it sit deep in the pocket. I actually purchased two of these for my own collection, and bought two for my friends. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say you won't be disappointed if you get this knife.

Knife Ganzo G7212 (Black, Green)

Great knife, my current EDC. This has a great button opening mechanism with an easy close using the same. Good blade length and tip for most daily jobs. Would have liked a finger hold but that is personal preference. Also the price point is great for such a well made knife.

Knife Ganzo G7211 (Black, Green)

Initially, I was a little bummed out about this product. Packaging was great, nice heft, looked to be good quality. When I pressed the button however, the knife only opened about 3/4 of the way. I played around with it the first day, working the blade back and forth hoping to loosen things up. By the end of the day nothing had changed. Gave it a little shot of WD40, worked it some more and gave up for the day. The next morning I hit the button and it snapped into place. It's worked like a champ since. May have had a few burrs hindering the opening. That aside, this is a very nice knife for the price. Razor sharp. The tip is very sharp so watch yourself. Thumbs up.

Knife Ganzo G7361 (Black, Green, Camouflage)

This knife appears to be very well built and an amazing value in a auto knife. It is tight and the firing action is very positive with solid lock-up...I really didn't expect much for the price but I it's a very good auto and works as well as autos that I have paid ten times more for...I bought another one and a friend liked mine so much that he bought one and is very pleased with it.

Knife Ganzo G7362 (Black, Green, Camouflage)

I just received the knife today and as soon as I picked up the box I was impressed by it's heft. I comes in a decent box and includes a velour pouch. I know knives very well. I have a collection of Case knives and various other high quality locking folders. I can't believe the quality of this knife for the price. Even if this knife was $60.00, I would be impressed. I can't judge it's performance until some time has passed but I will update this review at a later time. Right now it just seems too good to be true.

Knife Ganzo G701, Black Blade

Excellent build quality for a Chinese made knife, well worth the price. Very sharp out of the box. Never seen a knife with the locking method this has, "Axis lock", but it seems to be pretty good. Would definitely use as an EDC, Excellent value for the price.

Knife Ganzo G707

Very impressed with the fit and finish of this product. The price is fantastic compared to other auto knives. Never mind that, the price is just fantastic. After my first arrived I immediately purchased two more for close friends.

Multi-Tool Ganzo G302B

Overall good value but with a few problems. The blade and saw had a little play and are on the small side, the flap inside the sheath was misshapen. The pliers are fantastic as well as the screwdriver bit system. For the money its still 5 stars.

Knife Ganzo G722 (Black, Green, Orange)

High quality for the price. Much better quality control then the first year Gonzo knives came on the market. Worth twice the price. Arrived extremely sharp. I did use a fine oil on the pivot. Opens super fast with no rubbing noise. Would definitely purchase again.