Knife Ganzo G7412-WS (Black, Green, Orange)

Perfect general purpose everyday carry knife. Oozes quality and robustness. I particularly like the stone washing and the ribbed G10 scales. Once I adjusted the blade pivot screw and the axis lock springs to my liking I can now open it with a small flick of the wrist. I expect many years of use from this product. Gonzo, any chance of a yellow/khaki tan scaled model like the G717?

Knife Ganzo G727M (Black, Green, Orange, Сamouflage)

Reading a few good things about Ganzo knives I ordered and was promptly delivered a black G 7142 and an orange G727. They arrived very well sharpened though I had to smoothen the sharpness of the G727 a bit as it was a bit rough catching a little on paper test. Tried whittling wood with them and they retained their paper cutting sharpness. They feel solidly built and no wobbling ever occured. Impressed I ordered two more G727s. One in camo and one in green. I didn't get the black 727 anymore as my 7412 is already black. The G7412 was kind of very very tight that I had to apply some oil. Still very tight though that continuous flipping gets the thumb sore as compared with the real smooth action of the G727. Now I want to get a G7491 and a G7501-CF but they are not available in my country. Overall these knives are real bang for the buck and I recommend them highly

Knife Ganzo G7533-CF

Great knife got one as a gift used it loved it! I own several Ganzo knives and love them as well. This might be my favorite. Ended up giving it away to someone to show them what a great knife Ganzo makes for the price. I think has a fan now as well...anyway will be ordering a new one soon.

Hello James! Thank you for great interest to Ganzo brand. Good choise of knife, good choise of brand. Thank you for nice comments!
Knife Ganzo G742-1 (Black, Green, Orange)

Absolutely one of the best all around knives I've used. Very high quality for the money.

Hello Jason! You're right G742-1 model is really great knife for the price. Thanks for your feedback!
Knife Ganzo G717 (Black, Yellow, Orange)

Very great knive! I would order all models in all colours, but that would ruin me :-( Ganzo: Definite again!

Hello Florian! Thank you so much for such a positive words! Don't stop enjoy your Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7412-WD1-WS

Awesome knife!! It's my first Ganzo knife and it may now be my favorite! Its built light but solid and scary sharp! Can't wait to put it to The test on the trail.

Hello Kenneth! G7412-WD really great choise for your first Ganzo. Good job! Hope you'll like how it works. We're sure it won't be the last your Ganzo. Thanks for your comments!
Knife Ganzo G7482 (Orange, Black, Green)

The orange is bright, action is good, another good Ganzo, they are nice for the price. Packe well.

Hello Marcus! Thanks for your comments. G7482 has perfect characteristics and as all our 700-series knives has good package (stylish carton and comfortable pouch).
Knife Ganzo G7471 (Black, Green)

I love my new Ganzo! Like everything else they make the quality and price points are amazing. Can't wait to field test this knife.

Hello Cory! We're sure that you'll be happy after field test of G7471 model, because it was created for any outdoor tasks. Thank you for feedback!
Knife Ganzo G7533 (Black, Green, Orange)

WOW! This item exceeded my expectations! I'm very happy! Highly recommended! You will not be disappointed.

Hello Andrew! Thanks for such a good comments about G7533 model. This new knife is absolutely great, so we also recommend it highly!
Knife Ganzo G7412P-WS (Black, Orange)

Ganzo is definitely an up and coming knife co. I got 2 of these for my collection. Definitely adding more Ganzo blades to my arsenal and recommend them all the time.

Hello Robert! Thank you for feedback and interest to Ganzo company. Nice to know that you like our knives, enjoy your Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7212 (Black, Green) A link to my channel where I have a review of my first ever ganzo knife g7212-bk and wow I'm so glad I pulled the pin I'm waiting on another model that I will be reviewing aswell the build with the price point is unreal! It's a 150$+ knife as its in your hand only you don't pay near the crazy price like that and you get all the materials you do as if you did pay that much! Aswell as its a solid build go check out my no BS review Frankie Prepping for beginners

Hello Frankie! Thank you so much for feedback and interest to Ganzo brand! Always great to read good words about our products. G7212 - absolutely perfect knife for sheap price. Thanks for positive comments!
Knife Ganzo G743-1 (Black, Orange)

Excellent model! Very good knife, perfect size to be an edc

Hello Leonard! You're right, G743 model has absolutely perfect dimensions for every day carry: compact size, reliable lock, comfortable shape of blade and handle. Thanks for feedback!
Knife Ganzo G746-3-RB

Very happy with knife. Especially happy that its work really good.

Hello Steve! Thanks for your comment! G746-3-RB - compact, practice and good-looking knife for tourism, travels, city-use. Great choise!
Knife Ganzo G742-1 (Black, Green, Orange)

You will not find a better knife for the money

Hello James! G742 - fantastic frame-lock model, it's new but absolutely great! Thank you for feedback!
Knife Ganzo G7413-WS (Black, Green, Orange)

My friend loved this Ganzo knife so much (I bought it for him) that I had to order one for myself right after. I'll definitely be ordering more Ganzo knives!!!

Hello Matt! Thanks for your comments! This G7413-WS model is great knife of all Ganzo knives series. It's really nice to read that you and your friend like our knives and want to have more. Thank you for choosing Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7411-CF-WS

Such a great knife for the price. Feels good in hand, not too heavy, opens and closes just as smooth as can be and fun to play with. And this carbon fiber....10/10

Hello Nash! Ganzo G7411-CF - the newest version of new G741 model. Its great construction, design and carbon fiber usability make this knife perfect for edc. Thank you for feedback!
Knife Ganzo G624 (Black, Blue, Red, Green)

A fun design and ideal for light duties. Easy to carry in a pocket or bag. Slip-joint design so legal carry where a locking blade is not allowed. For more information check out my YouTube review at

Hello Nash! Thanks for your feedback and thank you so much for good informative review of compact G624.
Knife Ganzo G7361 (Black, Green, Camouflage)

Better than I expected! This knife came razor sharp and appears to be well made.

Ganzo G7361 looks stylish and neat, it's a good-constructed knife with smooth work. Field of its application – any trip to the country or minor works in the city that require this tool. Thank you for positive comments!
Knife Ganzo G7361-WD (Ligth Handle, Dark Handle)

I am impressed by this knife, which seems much better than several more expensive name brand knives that I own.

Hello David! The main feature of our knives is their great quality and low cost, this two moments make G7361-WD wildly attractive for many people including due its wood scales. Thank you for feedback!
Knife Ganzo G7393P (Orange, Black)

Quite simulate to benchmade griptiilian. Axis type lock was stiff out of the box but after playing with it for couple days smoothed out. I understand the argument against buying cause stole the axis lock. But from a practical point of view you can't beat this knife for the price.

Hello Max, nice to read such a good comments about our knife. G7393P - new model with good quality of assembly and stylish look. Thanks for positive feedback!
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