Knife Firebird F7563 (Black, Green, Orange)

It a really good knife overall the blade stays sharp the lock is smooth the handle is comfortable and I really like it

Thanks for your comment. It's really nice to read that you like our knives!
Knife Ganzo G720 (Black, Green, Orange)

Got this one in the mail today. Man, this is a sensationally big folder! It's almost too big. Liners are very thick, c10 is nice and grippy and the blade is so thick and heavy, you can open this knife with a strong flick of the wrist!! I also like to use the very nice thumb studs, though. Wouldn't recommend to put this one in tight jeans pockets :-) Cool, cool folder. And much bigger than the g751 I already got. Perfect fit and finish, far above what one would think is possible at this price point! Absolute buy recommandation!

Thanks for your feedback :) Come back to us yet)
Knife Ganzo G710

This is one of my all time favourite folding knives with a 3.5 inch blade. It is big enough to do almost everything I want, and small enough to fit in a pocket easily. The 440C steel is an excellent low cost knife steel and it stays sharp fairly long and is easy to sharpen up. The blade shape and tip are STRONG and super useful. I always tell everyone who is looking for a knew folding knife to check out Ganzo because you guys make the best low cost knives in the whole world. I hope you start to make it with more colour options.

Thank you for comment left every time we read the reviews from our customers, we try to realize your wishes!
Knife Ganzo G622-DY-2, Brown

A very eye catching knife and one that is very comfortable to use thanks to the full ABS handle scales. The knife arrived very sharp and retains its edge well. The knife felt light in the hand so I checked the weight and found this to be 109 g, way off the spec weight of 142 g. I also found the blade thickness to be less than the advertised spec, it is actually 2.81 mm. The knife has a frame lock rather than a liner lock; the spring bar is part of the handle frame. Having said all that I enjoy using the knife and have found it very comfortable and efficient in use and therefore give it 4 stars.

Knife Ganzo G702 (Black, Green, Yellow)

All around a great knife w/ a good heft and solid feel to it. Not super sharp out-of-the-box but a few minutes on the sharpening stones and it was razor sharp. I've used the knife on a daily basis {cutting boxes, ropes, ties, etc.) for the past couple of weeks and no major complaints. The blade has gotten a bit loose due to constant use but I'm unable to tighten the pivot screw because of the proprietary design. "Hey Ganzo! Any chance I can get a wrench or tool to tighten the pivot screw?"

Hello Pet! Thanks for your detailed review. Unfortunately, we don't have a special tool for tightening the pivot screw. We can recommend you to use tweezers for solving your problem.
Multi-Tool Ganzo G301

The BEST multi-tool sold. High quality & EXCELLENT price. I refuse to buy over priced tools - the G301 is the standard. I will be purchasing many of these as gifts for "practical" people. Strongly recommend!

Hello Peader! G301 is a really nice compact multi-tool at an affordable price. Thanks for your kind fedback. Good choice!
Knife Ganzo G7501 (Black, Green, Orange)

I bought this model online in orange. Edge angle is a reasonable 30 degrees. The blade is really easy to sharpen and holds its edge for a long time. Absolute bargain for the price! Get me a G720 next. Keep up the good work, guys!

Hello Chris! Thanks for your feedback. G7501 is definitely practical and reliable model with stylish design. Thanks again for your comment!
Knife Ganzo G746-CF

Nice knife to use in city and for outdoor. Strong Lock system. The Steel is 440c but i dont know wich hardness is. Its 58hrc or 60? Can u answer my question?

Hello Marcus! Thanks for your request and nice comment. For Ganzo G746-CF is used 58hrc.
Knife Ganzo G724M (Black, Green, Orange)

I prefer bigger knives as I got large hands. This is for sure one of my favorite Ganzo knives (with the G720 being my no°1 pick). I hope they run another batch of these or make an improved follow up. I would buy a few more of these.

Dear client! G724M is a qualitative and reliable model. Its dimensions allow to do all types of work during the country rest and to keep it compactly in the backpack. Thanks for your feedback. Continue to enjoy Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7452-WS (Black, Green, Orange)

Nice knife. Build quality is excellent, stable coating, sharpening out of the box good

Hello Brian! G7452-WS is really a good model with great consruction,design and perfect dimensions. Thanks for your kind comment.
Knife Ganzo G7391-CF

All my Ganzo purchases have been good, excellent budget folding knives. great gift for someone starting out or if you just want a honest everyday user knife. i will keep on buying new models that take my fancy as they issue new ones. I would really also like to see Ganzo make some new designs also. im sue they have the skill :-)

Hello Joseph! Thanks for your comment. It's really nice to read that you like our knives and want to buy more. Don't stop to enjoy Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7533 (Black, Green, Orange)

Great little knife with a fantastic blade shape which is perfectly centred and has a lovely titanium colouring The handles are a nice grippy G10 in a great olive green colour which looks great against the blue hardwear Really, really like this folder

Hello Daniel! Thanks for your nice comment. G7533 is a versatile practical knife, which is suitable for tourism and outdoor activities. Thanks for choosing Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7522 (Black, Green, Orange)

I have about 10 knives (tons of other makes too) from Ganzo and this one is superb. As the previous poster mentioned the action is super smooth. The knife has the perfect amount of retension to allow for a nice fast open and also very positively clicks back into place. The liner lock is very nicely done and has great contact with the tang. Zero blade play even after a fair amount of use. Good job ganzo!

Hello Peter! Thanks for your feedback and interest to Ganzo brand. This model has a Frame lock, so this lock type is very reliable and keeps working for many years even with regular knife usage. Enjoy your Ganzo!
Multi-Tool Ganzo G201H

I tested their pliers, since pliers in my opinion are the main indicators of build quality on any pliers based multi tool, I cut through 3mm and 4mm thick nails, while it wasnt easy because wire cutters on pliers are dull, I was able to do so without breaking the tool, which is good. Handles did become slightly flimsier after that, but this should be good indication as to how much punishment can this tool take.

Hello Benjamin! Thanks for your detailed review! The quality, convenience and reliability make G201H indispensable for its owner. Thanks for choosing Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G742-1-BKP

This knife has been a great addition to my edc rotation. It came sharp and sturdy, and has stayed that way through the use I have gotten out of it so far. Every time I use it I cannot believe what a good price I had got it for as well. No regrets on picking this one up.

Hello Gabriel! Good choice of knife! Don't stop enjoy your Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G743-2 (Black, Green, Orange)

Excellent knife , although not open for the fin , it is necessary to open for the pin . Powerful lock frame , comes at the beginning of the heel of the blade . Nice handle . Blade with descents from the butt and mixing in 0.5 mm - the perfect solution . Good handling and fit - I am very satisfied !

Hello Jayden! G743-2 dimensions makes this model very convenient in tourist trips. Thanks for your positive comment.
Knife Ganzo G712

Very nice knife, good looking, good quality of the knife, good feeling in your hand when holding the knife, there is no moving parts inside of the knife (its very solid), it came with nice factory sharp edge but you can make even sharper knife

Hello Ryan! G712 is an excellent knife for those who enjoy active lifestyle. Thanks for your kind feedback!
Knife Ganzo G714

Good quality knife. The finishing seems of high level despite the very low price. The blade cuts well out of the box and the lock mechanism works flawlessy. Definetly a best buy for a cheap good looking EDC knife

Hello Charles! G714 is absolutely perfect knife for cheap price. Thanks for your comment and interest to Ganzo brand
Knife Ganzo G7393 (Orange, Black, Green)

All my Ganzo purchases have been good, excellent budget folding knives. great gift for someone starting out or if you just want a honest everyday user knife. i will keep on buying new models that take my fancy as they issue new ones.

Hello Kenneth! G7393 is a great model at affordable price. Hope you'll like how it works. Thanks for choosing Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7413P-WS (Black, Orange)

The grip on the G7413P is well suited for a larger hand. The G10 scales gives one a secure purchase while working the knife. The blade on mine was very sharp and centered.

Hello Brian! G7413P-WS is the best model for nature trips. Thanks for your review and sharing experience with us.