Knife Ganzo G7393 (Orange, Black, Green)

All my Ganzo purchases have been good, excellent budget folding knives. great gift for someone starting out or if you just want a honest everyday user knife. i will keep on buying new models that take my fancy as they issue new ones.

Hello Kenneth! G7393 is a great model at affordable price. Hope you'll like how it works. Thanks for choosing Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7413P-WS (Black, Orange)

The grip on the G7413P is well suited for a larger hand. The G10 scales gives one a secure purchase while working the knife. The blade on mine was very sharp and centered.

Hello Brian! G7413P-WS is the best model for nature trips. Thanks for your review and sharing experience with us.
Knife Ganzo G7453-WS (Black, Green, Orange)

All my Ganzo purchases have been good, excellent budget folding knives. great gift for someone starting out or if you just want a honest everyday user knife. i will keep on buying new models that take my fancy as they issue new ones. Love this model, i carry this one a lot.

Dear Mark! Thanks for your comment. Glad to know you enjoy our knives!
Knife Ganzo G7412-WD2-WS

Beautiful wooden design. Very handy, sharp stonewashed blade. The handles have not any sharp edges.

Dear Christopher! Thanks for your feedback! G7412-WD2-WS is a good choice for people who appreciate high quality and reliability. Continue to enjoy Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7531 (Black, Green, Orange)

An outstanding folding knife from Ganzo's newest line! Ergonomics, finishes, materials : everything is nearly perfect in this model. The axis action is very smooth out of the box and the G-10 scales feel very grippy and nice. It's a surprisingly lightweight knife for its size, unlike earlier Ganzos.

Dear Thomas! Thanks for your nice comment. G7531 is a qualitative, convenient and reliable model. This knife is a really good choice!
Knife Ganzo G720 (Black, Green, Orange)

Big, heavy, sturdy chunk of metal - I love it. This is not an elegant EDC to show your buddies and occasionally open an envellope. It's a big, heavy man's folder to get the job done (within the given limits of a folding knife). I would love to see a successor with ball bearings. Would definitely buy a couple of those if they were in the same price range.

Dear client! Thanks for your feedback! G720 is absolutely great model. Highly recommended!
Knife Ganzo G7392-CF

Beautiful knife. I really like the blade shape and handle ergonomics. The handle is a little slippery due to the polished finish. I would prefer a G10 version with a more grippy texture. But still one of my favorite Ganzos.

Dear client! G7392-CF is a perfect tourist knife with a great construction and design. Thanks for your comment.
Knife Ganzo G713

I am a huge fan of lockback knives. So I had to get the G713. I really like the size and shape. But whoever designed that beautiful knife seems to have small hands. Removing the scales at the back end of the handle to expose the liners and make the knife look "special" was not a good idea. When holding the knife with a tight grip those liners cut into my pinky. Therefore I can't use the knife without gloves. Also the lockback should engage a little deeper into the metal to make it more robust and withstand more abuse. I would love to see a new Ganzo folding knife based on the G713 (I really love the overall design) without the skeletonized liners and a sturdy heavy duty lockback. I would definitely buy a couple of those.

Dear client! Thanks for your informative review and sharing experience to us. This information will be taken in account. You are making us better, thanks again!
Knife Ganzo G724M (Black, Green, Orange)

One of my favorite Ganzo knives. Too bad it seems to be out of production. I could only grab one of the last orange ones (not a nice looking orange btw, next time use a brighter neon color). Would for sure buy a couple more in black and green if they were still available. I would love to see another batch of those produced. Or even better, a new model with ball bearings and slightly bigger size than the G724 as I got quite big hands and the G724 just barely fits in hammer grip but already is a little small for other grips. Still, the combination of blade length, thickness and shape with the very nice handle makes it one of my most beloved Ganzos.

Dear client! It's nice to read that you love our knives. G724 is a model, which combines good quality and high level of functionality. Thanks for your kind words and interest to Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7531-CF

C'est mon premier couteau Ganzo, et je ne suis pas déçu, ce couteau est tout simplement magnifique, de très bonne qualité, avec un excellent prix. Comme je l'ai dit c'est mon premier ganzo, mais pas le dernier Félicitations Ganzo This is my first Ganzo knife, and I'm not disappointed, this knife is just beautiful, very good quality, with an excellent price. As I said it is my first ganzo, but not the last Congratulations Ganzo

Dear Laurent! G7531-CF is a great knife for travel and outdoor activities. Thanks for your kind feedback. Don't stop to enjoy Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7531-CF

The knife is fantastic looking. Comes really sharp. The knife is lighter than I thought it wood be. Carbon fiber looks good. Milled liners. How Ganzo keeps the price low for this type of knife is unbelievable.

Dear Nicholas! G7531-CF is a perfect companion for a long time. Thanks for your comments!
Knife Ganzo G7522 (Black, Green, Orange)

The blade of this Ganzo is ball-beared and moves unbelievable easy. It flips even better than all other Ganzos i have. The lock is very strong and there is no bladeplay. The blade is sharp and well centered.

Dear Nathan! G7522 is a really practical and useful knife! Thanks so much for your comments!
Knife Ganzo G7533 (Black, Green, Orange)

This knife has become one of my favourites. The ergonomics are good and it is well built. The design and color combo is good as well. The blade coating has held up well.

Dear Joshua! Thanks for your positive feedback! Nice to read such a good words about our knife.
Knife Ganzo G7501 (Black, Green, Orange)

Materials used quality is very good, design and finish of the blade and sharpness is excellent, assembling of the parts is flawless, handle design is great, overall it's so good (as my other Ganzo's) knife that I've became fan of Ganzo knives. Keep on good work!

Dear Daniel! Thanks for your feedback and interest to Ganzo company. Nice to know that you like our knives. Enjoy your Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7452-WS (Black, Green, Orange)

This is my sixth Ganzo knife, and might just be my favourite so far. Love the scale, and the more I use their Axis type lock. First try out of this knife was this last weekend when I was doing some landscaping, so I was using it to open boxes, cut landscaping fabric, cut out weeds (the great thing about Ganzo knives is that at their price point, if you hurt them, you can get another), and cutting open bags. When I was done with that, I used it to make fatwood shavings for my next hiking trip. Did a great job with the factory edge, didn't have to touch it a bit.

Dear William! Thanks for your positive feedback. Nice to read such a good comment. Continue to enjoy Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7393 (Orange, Black, Green)

Nice size , one of my favorite after the 720, really smooth opening and really sharp;
make his job real good.

Dear Anthony! Thanks for your feedback and sharing your experience! Continue to enjoy Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7471 (Black, Green)

I like the black and green quite a lot. Deep pocket clip, acceptable blade steel and nice in hand. A well crafted knife. I bought five for gifts and round the house. I woud like a stronger snap. Anyone put a stronger spring in? Where did you get it and what size spring? Regards to all Tom

Dear Tom! Thanks for your nice comment. We take a note on your feedback about this model. Thanks for choosing Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7531-CF

One of the best made knives I've had the pleasure to buy and own in a long time. The fit and finish on this knife for the price is flawless! The G7531-CF was hair shaving sharp out of the box. Its action was a bit stiff but in just an hour of flicking it open, it has become one of the smoothest actions on any budget knife I've ever owned. If you want to own a high value folder at a budget price I highly recommend the Ganzo G7531-CF.

Dear Todd! Thanks for your kind feedback. You made a great choice! Glad to read such a positive comment about Ganzo.We will be happy to cooperate in future!
Knife Ganzo G7533-CF

I bought this knife on ggearbest. Brought home decided to reposition the clip. One screw and do not unscrew. I had to cut a slot for a flat-blade screwdriver to unscrew. I tried to move the blade. I do not like, want to make out, and then ambush. I can not remove the screws. They just stuck. On the one hand screws at the die normally removed, on the other hand they do not suitable screwdriver. As a result, I could not debug a knife. Proceedings of the blade is very tight. The blade does not fall under its own weight when the lock is released, but it has a horizontal gap in the fully open condition on the lock. As a result, I do not have the 1st screw on the clip, and rastsarapanny axis. In support told me that to replace the screws, they do not have. In contrast is sharpening the knife. Had very sharp. As a result. If you like to buy a knife to cut it, then this is not a bad option. If you want a knife that was convenient to cut, take another.

Hello, Vladislav!
Thanks for your feedback.G7533-CF is a new model and it has its great characteristics. We are really sorry for this situation. Next time we advice you to buy the knife not through reseller, but official distributor for avoiding such situation. In this case you can achieve all necessary support: replacement or refund. According to your e-mail address (I mean, in future you could contact our official russian distributor to exclude such inconvenience and even make a preorder in the case, when the model has not released yet. Sorry again and hope this situation won't repeat and you can enjoy Ganzo.
Knife Ganzo G7211 (Black, Green)

Wow! This knive performs way above its price point. Comes razor sharp and gets even sharper with a few strokes on a 1200 grit rod. Blade does not wobble. I adjusted the screws to regulate the blade opening speed to my liking. Kinda heavy for its size but that reflects the solid build of the knife. Will still fit in your pocket for a EDC knife. 440c Steel is a high quality steel with good edge holding and anti-corrosion properties. The green version comes in an eye pleasing olive green color. Best $25 knife you will ever see. Works like a Benchmade at a fraction of the price. Love this knife.

Dear Brian! Thank you for your nice words and sharing your experience! Continue to enjoy Ganzo!
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