Knife Ganzo G712 reviews

December 20, 2016 13:15

Very nice knife, good looking, good quality of the knife, good feeling in your hand when holding the knife, there is no moving parts inside of the knife (its very solid), it came with nice factory sharp edge but you can make even sharper knife
December 20, 2016 18:16

Hello Ryan! G712 is an excellent knife for those who enjoy active lifestyle. Thanks for your kind feedback!

January 22, 2016 18:42

This knife is badass for the money, can't be beat and yes this is a baby benchmade bedlam, nice quality and stout, I love it for 22 dollars, but if I could afford an extra 180 dollars I would take the benchmade no doubt it has a better steel, but this knife has BOOTY and its tough!!!! For 22 dollars it's a steal!

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